The work of the Board

The Board is actively supervising the activities of the Company through frequent board meetings and meetings with the management. The Board has adopted an annual meeting plan for its work. As per April 14th 2008, the Board has resolved board instructions and instructions for the CEO detailing the work and responsibilities of the Board and the CEO, respectively.

The Board continuously evaluates the need for sub-committees. Currently, the Board has not established a Remuneration Committee or registered an Audit committee as sub-committees of the Board.

Currently, the Board has not conducted annual formal self-evaluations.

Contact Us

For more information, please visit our profile on the Oslo Stock Exchange website or contact:

Kjetil Ramsøy
Tel: (+47) 906 12 943

NattoPharma contact information:
Main Office: Kirkeveien 59B NO-1363 Høvik,Norway
North American Subsidary: 328 Amboy Ave.,Ste. D,Metuchen, NJ 08840
Tel: (+1) 609-454-2992
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