Scientific Substantiation of Vitamin K2

Providing Solutions Based on Science

NattoPharma is the exclusive supplier of the premium branded ingredient, MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7. The company provides a selection of the highest-quality functional product that exceeds customers’ expectations; product that is developed to perform.


Rapid progress is being made in exciting new area of understanding on the function of Vitamin K-dependent proteins such as osteocalcin and matrix Gla protein (MGP) in its involvement in new bone formation the selective inhibition of blood vessel mineralization, respectively. NattoPharma has led the charge with this cutting-edge of research to understand the fundamentals of Vitamin K2 functioning in the body, as well as understanding the physical and chemical characteristics to offer well-developed, premium ingredient that delivers efficacy.

Further, the company’s products exceed the requirements of functional supplementation products in all areas, but especially in terms of toxicity and quality assurance. NattoPharma is a leader in using its scientific understanding to expand Vitamin K2 into new applications.

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For further information regarding NattoPharma’s R&D activities, please contact:

William Sommer

VP, Global Development & Regulatory

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