Regulatory and Patents

NattoPharma strictly complies with each country’s legal and regulatory requirements to sell its products. Furthermore, it pursues regulatory approval of key claims and independent body certifications that differentiate the MenaQ7® brand of products over others and exceed requirements of functional supplements and food.

NattoPharma aggressively pursues opportunities in new geographic markets that meet sound business criteria, plus is continually adding new claims, products, applications, and usages in countries where it already sells.  The company has product registrations or authorizations in key markets worldwide, including countries in Europe, North & South America, Australasia, Middle East, Asia Major, and Africa.

NattoPharma actively pursues patents in key markets and countries, as part of its overall intellectual property strategy to supplement its strong patent portfolio.  NattoPharma has been able to convert its cutting-edge Vitamin K2 research into proprietary method of use patents that support and protect its efficacy claims, and add significant value to our customer’s products that use our claims to differentiate themselves in the market.

For a latest regulatory and/or patent status in any particular country, please contact your regional sales representative:

The Americas, Australia/New Zealand

Eric Anderson, SVP Global Sales and Marketing

Collene Villalobos, Sales Manager, Americas


Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa

Rudi De Man, VP Sales, Europe and Asia

Gunilla Traberg, Director Nordic Accounts & EU Marketing

Contact Us

For further information regarding NattoPharma’s R&D activities, please contact:

William Sommer

VP, Global Development & Regulatory

NattoPharma contact information:
Main office: Lilleakerveien 2B, 0283 Oslo,Norway
North American Subsidary: 328 Amboy Ave.,Ste. D,Metuchen, NJ 08840
Tel: (+47) 40 00 90 08
Tel: (+1) 609-454-2992
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