Key Health Benefits

Several studies demostrate the great health benefits of Vitamin K2, especially for bone and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 is optimal for the body to utilize calcium in order to build healthy, strong bones and to inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries.

Bone Health
Supplementing with calcium exclusively is not enough for improving bone health. Optimizing the incorporation of calcium into newly formed bone matrix is a process where vitamin K2, through activation of Osteocalcin, has a crucial role. MenaQ7® is the optimal solution to help binding calcium to the bones. Read more

Cardiovascular Health
Cardiovascular diseases usually develop over decades where arteries clog and harden from plaque deposits in which calcium is the main mineral component. Vitamin K2 regulates mechanisms that inhibit incorporation of calcium into soft tissues.  In particular this is important for blood vessel walls, to protect them from calcification and becoming them stiff and less elastic. MenaQ7® helps the body to inhibit deposition of calcium in the arteries. Read more

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The function of vitamin K2 (MK-7) is unique among other vitamins. It activates certain proteins in the body such as osteocalcin in bone building cells and Matrix Gla Protein in the vasculature. These vitamin K2 dependent proteins needs to be activated in order to perform their job in binding calcium to bones and inhibit calcium deposition in the arteries.

MGP is the most powerful inhibitor of soft tissue calcification presently known, but non-supplemented healthy adults are insufficient in vitamin K  so that 30% of their MGP is present in an inactive form. Protection against cardiovascular calcification is thereby only at 70% in the young healthy population, and this figure decreases further at increasing age.

Vitamin K2 is crucial for optimal calcium utilization. Hence, MenaQ7 is essential in all stages of life. Adolescent children have an increased high need of vitamin K2 due to the rapid skeletal growth at that age. Throughout adulthood both men and women need vitamin K2 for healthy bones and arteries. Postmenopausal women has a particular need for vitamin K2 supplement since the decay in bone mass accelerates in women at this age.

The relationship between Vitamin K2 and this calcium paradox has become evident through numerous international scientific publications; publications which should be the basis for serious product development and marketing. However, as there is a strong interest in vitamin K, many commercial products with varying quality and documentation are being launched in the marketplace. Many are still not aware of that vitamin K is not only a vitamin, but a group of related molecules with differentiated biological properties. Choosing the wrong vitamin could lead to doubts about the effects of vitamin K2 and frustration among not only end consumers but also distributors. Realizing that health conditions due to imbalances in calcium deposits in the body affects large groups of people. The benefits of vitamin K2 supplementation should not be jeopardized by low quality products or unserious marketing.

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