Board of Directors – composition and independence

The company has no Corporate Assembly. The Board bears overall responsibility for the company’s management team. The Board consists of 3 members, and  three deputy members. The number of Board members and the composition of the Board with respect to independence and the number of women (ref. Norwegian law applicable from January 1st 2008) has been met. The members of the Board are elected for a period of two years. Two Board members and one deputy Board member owns shares in the company. One Board member and one deputy Board member are considered not to be independent. Two Board members and two deputy Board members are considered to be independent; hence the composition of the Board is in line with Corporate Governance Code chapter 8.

The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Frode Marc Bohan (Chairman)
Frank Erikstad Bjordal (Board member)
Katarzyna Maresz (Board member)

Anders Uddén (deputy member)
Randall Eric Anderson (deputy member)
Natalia Kristiansen-Torp (personal deputy member for Katarzyna Maresz)

None of NattoPahrma’s executives is elected to the Board.

At the general meeting on May 9th 2014,  the chairman was re-elected for a period of two years. The rest of the board including deputies were re-elected for a period of one year.

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